When you just can´t be without technology but still want to travel, that´s the general thought behind this travel bag which holds allot of gadgets that you can´t live without.



The bag houses a total of three different headphones that I use for different scenarios and under certain circumstances.

The biggest of them all are my ATH-M50x which feature an over-ear design with great img_20161109_160652sound isolation, a detachable cable and the ability to fold them up so they fit comfortably inside their leather pouch. They deliver a rich and balanced sound with a nice emphasis on bass, which makes them one of the best headphones for under 150$. The build quality is top notch so they aren´t any parts that will break on you after a few months of use. They pretty much check all the boxes for a portable and comfortable high quality audio device so you    can´t really go wrong with these.

Jaybird Blue Buds x

The only thing the M50´s cant deliver is the convenients of bluetooth, thats where my second pair of headphones come into play. The Jaybird Blue Buds x are a pair of wireless
in-ear earbuds with great comfort and sound, their 8 hours of battery life is good enough so you don´t have to worry about charging it every other day. They pair super easily with my Nexus 6P and also have an included microphone to take phone calls and use voice commands.img_20161111_123823

The included wings help holding the earphones in place so you can be as active as you want while still listening to your favorite music, the included hardshell case is also really great for traveling because you don´t have to worry about them getting squished in your bag.

Sure they are three years old but that doesn’t mean they cant be as good as the newer X2 form Jaybird.




RHA 500

Just in case my Jabird´s run out of battery and i dont feel like using big over-ear headphones I bought some decent sounding earbuds from RHA, the best thing aboutimg_20161111_123509 theses is the build quality, they feature a compact aluminium construction with a stealthy braided cable and a gold plated connector.  The only thing missing is a mic and a remote control but that´s not that a deal breaker for me.

The RHA 500´s deliver deliver some nice immersive sound with just enough bass, sure my Jaybirds will sound allot better but with these you will get a reliable headphone an a very reasonable price of 30-40 $.




Pixel C

My android tablet of choice is the Pixel C because it already had all the benefits of the new Pixel phones from Google 1 year ago (including the price). The Pixel features an all aluminium body that rivals the build quality of apples iPads which give it an durable and sustainable feel in the hand. Its 10.2-inch screen looks super sharp with some nice colors and good visibility in direkt sunlight, the two side firing speakers are loud enough for media consumption but they start distorting at around 90% volume. The backside is kept very simple without any branding or additional sensors around the camera, which is good for a tablet but wont win any awards for breathtaking pictures. Solely a led light strip adorns the backside by lighting up in the Google colors when the tablet is turned on or indicating the battery percentage when you knock on the backside, this is a gimmicky but unique and well implemented feature that I very much enjoy having.

Being a Google build device security and software updates aren´t an issue, my Pixel C runs android 7.0 Nougat without any hickups or crashes.I dont use this tablet for any productivity task because it can only run android apps instead of fully fledged  programs that you get on a Windows/MacOS computer, but if you are ok with using the app versions of Microsoft Office you have the option of purchasing a magnetic keyboard with inductive charging capabilities but no trackpad. In conclusion this tablet is great for reading browsing the web and your occasional Youtube video.



We live in a time where smartphones are getting thinner and slipperier every year, to prevent them from suffering a fatal drop we buy bulky cases that completely alter the original intended design and feel in the hand, that´s why Im not really a big fan of cases for smartphones but I get why they are necessary so I tried to find some cases that offer decent protection but still manage to be attractive.

The Spigen SGP11814 is a very thin lightweight hard case with a minimalistic design and all the necessary cutouts, it features a soft touch finish that feels sturdy and adds a ton of grip to your devices, unfortunately fingerprints show easily but can be removed with a microfiber cloth.

The second one is a aluminium bumper that wraps around the phone nicely and closes with a hinge at the top of the devices, it has a nice sturdy feel to it but due to the nature of aluminium it conflicts with the signals of the phone because it is covering the reception cutouts so you will experience some connection issues when using this bumper.